Hasal Liquid

(proudly marketed by Turab Inc (M) SDN. BHD)

Hasal iquid

The Birth of Hasal Liquid

HASAL LIQUID Acid – Concentrated Acid Ionized water of PH0.5.
HASAL LIQUID Alkali – Concentrated Alkaline-Mineral ionized water of PH13.5.
HASAL Liquid is a one-of-a-kind invention; the only strong alkaline/acid ionized water in the world extracted from sea water.

Physical Processing To Reserve Ingredients: To manufacture HASAL Liquid, chemical processing is never used to reserve the ingredients in Iceberg water. Iceberg water is processed physically using Boltic method, resulting in the birth of concentrated acidic ionized water of PH0.5 or below (HASAL Liquid Acid). Further, the water is ionized using a centrifuge, resulting in the birth of concentrated alkaline-mineral ionized water of PH13.5 or higher (HASAL Liquid Alkaline). In this process, CI is-separated from NA and taken away out of water while Na is kept in the water. When CI is taken out general methods like Reverse Osmosis Method or Ultrafiltration Method are not applied in order to keep other trace minerals in the water. There is no residual chloride in HASAL Liquid while 90-plus trace minerals remain. PH of both HASAL Liquid Acid (1.5 or less) and Alkaline (13.5 or higher) are the world record!!


To know more about HASAL LIQUID, please click here to download its pdf.



Green cool O2 water
Green cool oxygen2 water

Distilled for Purity.

Oxygenated for Great Taste

Distilled to 99.0% purity and oxygenated for energy and taste, O2GO is simply the healthiest bottled water available.
How can O2GO have such a pure water? Because the distillation process seprates the water from the impurities rather than attempting to remove the impurities from the water as in reverse osmosis. Water is boiled, turned into vapor, then cooled and collected as pure water, and ONLY pure water! All the impurities are left behnd.
O2GO offers the perfect combination of pure water and pure oxygen -- the water your body is thirsting for.



1. For extra energy and vitality.

2. High in magnesium, for cardiovascular health and a strengthened immune system.

3. For fresh breath, healthier gums and teeth

4. No calories and no sodium.