Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions.

What is a liquid Fertilizer?
Liquid fertilizer is a plant nutrient formula. It's often concentrated and so must be mixed with water. Liquid fertilizer is easier to be used by the plant than dry/compound fertilizer..

What are the advantages of using liquid fertilizer instead of a granular fertilizer?
Liquid Fertilizer is booster for crops. It is advisable to farmers to keep use conventional fertilizer but use liquid fertilizer to boost the crop. Liquid Fertilizer is recommended to use Fertigation system and Foliar system. Green Spot Fertilizer is suitable for both systems.

Why are there two kinds and why do you use each?
Liquid Fertilizers are absorbed by the plant in a matter of minutes and hours. Solid fertilizer release or get leached over a period of weeks or months. 100% of the nutrient is absorbed by the plant versus 20-50% in dry fertilizers.  Liquid fertilizers are added to your watering can. Depending on label instructions, you might fertilize every time you water or every other time as instructed. There are literally dozens of liquid fertilizers on the market. The advantage to liquid fertilizer is a steady supply of nutrients that you control. It's easy to suspend feeding when the plant is dormant during the winter months. The disadvantage is remembering to do it every time.

Effects of Liquid Fertilizer.
Liquid fertilization products are a combination of water and nutrients that are nurtured into the plant. It is most commonly used on cash crop farms and also broad-acre farms. And it is Cost Effective.

The importation of liquid fertilizer has been a consistent source of revenue for the Oxnard Harbor District. Oxnard district brings in an average of 12 vessels per year. During a fiscal year 2007-2008, the District’s operating revenues were approximately $11 million and liquid fertilizer brought in approximately 20.9 percent of the District’s revenue.

Liquid fertilizer is an excellent product for plants that are already rooted, whether in pots or in your garden. The fertilizer allows you to continue feeding your plants after they’ve reached their potential growth. These fertilizers generally have a quicker fertilization process than organic dry fertilizers making it possible when properly applied to save dying plants.

Unlike most fertilizers that have harsh smells, liquid fertilizer does not. Making liquid fertilizer accessible to local farmers is both good for the harbor and for farmers. It’s a great asset to the farmers not only extending plant longevity but it also has useful pest controlling qualities that as well.

Green Spot Liquid Fertilizer is highly concentrated. In one liter of water add 5ml of Green Spot, 1 liter of water diluted with Green Spot to be sprayed in 1m2 or 10sqft or 1ft x 10 ft for once a week.

Please refer manufacturer application guide & recommendation.